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Here at Samsara we keep our classes small to maximise enjoyment and correct technique.   As such, it is important that you book your class in advance.

Samsara Women's Health Club has On-demand classes (included in your membership). Anyone, at any time, can choose an on-demand class from our vast library. Just tap and get set for a fun. Extensive library with over 260 classes to choose from.


A dynamic flow that connects mindful and physically demanding movement with breath. Yoga allows you to improve your alignment, while building strength, increase flexibility and improving stamina.
All levels of students are welcome.

Abs, Butt and Thighs (ABT)

A routine that focuses purely on exercises that strengthens, and tones your lower body, or abs, butts and thighs.
All levels of students are welcome.


A series of controlled movements that practices flexibility, balance and coordination, alignment, core and endurance. Pilates further supports the development of efficient and graceful movement.

All levels of students are welcome.

A nourishing approach to yoga, focusing on relaxing the muscles to stretch deep connective tissues (fascia) and release tension throughout the entire body, resulting in greater mobility and flexibility.
All levels of students are welcome.

Yoga Stretch

Functional Training


Our functional workouts are centered around cardiovascular fitness involving bursts of exercise focusing on building strength while maximizing calorie burn.
All levels of students are welcome.

Our meditation classes focus on cultivating mindfulness and are an opportunity to rest the mind and expand your self-awareness. Meditation is also weaved into our Yoga classes.
All levels of students are welcome.

Yoga at Home


Here at samsara we are passionate about helping you meet your individual goals.  Our personal training sessions are designed to help keep you motivated and educated about your health.


 Samsara offers the full suite of gym equipment that is available to members anytime of the day including the revolutionary Kinesis resistance cable exercise equipment.


Samsara Technogym TGS Key stores all of your Peronalised Programs.  The system guides our members around the Club from one exercise to the next - showing them correct technique and range of movement, counting repetitions and rest periods.


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