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Here at Samsara we are passionate about helping you to meet your individual goals. Our personal training sessions are designed to help keep you motivated and educated about your fitness.


We believe in the body-mind connection and technique – harmonising your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Irrespective of your ability, age or walk of life, Samsara Trainers can provide you with support.


*You can use a Personal Trainer for:


Injury Rehabilitation

Getting to know your body

General weight loss

Increased self-esteem

Sports specific training

Improving technique

Increased muscle tone

To stay focussed and enthusiastic about your fitness journey

And more.

*This is an additional cost to membership.

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Technogym TGS key stores all of your Personalised Programs.  The system guides our members around the club from one exercise to the next - showing them correct technique and range of movement, counting repetitions and rest periods.

24/7 GYM

Samsara offers the full suite of gym equipment that is available to members anytime of the day including the revolutionary Kinesis resistance cable exercise equipment. 


Samsara offers a range of dynamic, high intensity and nurturing group fitness classes. Our group classes are designed to offer variety and intensity that that complements your regulars workouts.

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